Project Goals

E-commerce mobile prototype validated by users



The challenge with doing a UX design project for a shop as small as Bromfield is that they don’t really need a website re-design. What they really need is marketing emails in order to sell their items. In terms of technology, they don’t sell a whole lot from their e-commerce website. They are not scaling, but they do very well because of their in-store experience as one of the few shops where people can try out all kinds of pens.

The many months I spent working in customer service there gradually lead to a raise because I started to take over managing their website content and their marketing emails. This mobile re-design was my own passion project because I really like both pen people and the design process.


Customer Research

From my first study last year, I already had a base for who shops here and why. To reiterate the main points about pen enthusiasts from that research:

  • They prefer in-store shopping when looking for a new pen because they can see how it feels and writes

  • They prefer online shopping when buying pens they’ve already tried out



A disclaimer about personea:

There are so many different people involved in the success of the business, so I opted to not only include two main type of customers, but also an employee persona because, as shipping manager, he is very important to the business, since he communicates with all of the pen companies and distributors.

Pen Connoisseur

Pen Connoisseur

Local Collector

Shipping Manager