New Arrivals

Not only does Bromfield Pen Shop send out emails to inform customers of vintage pens we’ve recently acquired, we are now sending emails twice a month to inform customers of new products.


New Arrivals Email Design


Our first New Arrivals email only featured the Faber-Castell for Bentley. This is our second New Arrivals email, featuring items from three different brands. To be consistent, I used a similar design to the vintage pen email, though I included a footer with a link to content featured in the previous New Arrivals email.

Based on analytics in Constant Contact, this email got a much higher click-rate than others. Looking at specifics, though, customers are still mainly clicking into the vintage pen sections on the bottom. It seems that the customers who subscribe to the emails are mainly looking for vintage pens.


Not only are new arrivals included, but old pens that didn’t sell are still pushed in the emails. Sometimes, people just need a reminder.

Mont Blanc Email.png

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