Vintage Pens

Bromfield Pen Shop sends out emails to inform customers of vintage pens we’ve recently acquired. I recently took the responsibility to design these emails because of my concern with getting vintage pens into the hands of customers.


Vintage Pen Email Design


I included a clickable navigation for customers who receive the email so that they can more easily access the most popular items in the shop.

However, based on analytics in Constant Contact, customers are mainly clicking into the vintage and pre-owned pen sections. It seems that the customers who subscribe to the emails are mainly looking for vintage pens.

The individual vintage pens featured in the emails are not on our website at the time the email is first sent. I usually add them right after. They can’t be ordered through the site because there is usually only one of each. I am not sure how many customers are aware of this, though, so I intend to find out.

Below, see my introduction to e-commerce and Bromfield Pen Shop back in Dec 2017!