Movies play a huge role in the culture of the United States. They depict stories that are meant to resonate with people.


User Interviews

Our goal was to learn about what kinds of movies people watch and why. We used a survey to recruit 40+ users who like movies, diversity, and who read movie reviews. We interviewed 7 users, in which we learned several points about user behavior:


1.) Use a streaming system, such as Netflix and Apple TV, to look up ratings. They usually glance at many, looking for something that interests them. Most use Rotten Tomatoes to look up ratings and IMDb to look up facts about movies.

2.) Use the MPAA rating system as well as websites like Kids in Mind to research what kind of content is in the movie.

3.) Cited many reasons not to read reviews: a.) they don’t want spoilers, b.) they don’t want to be biased before they even watch, and c.) people have varying tastes.

3.) Acknowledged the broadness of term “diversity”. It encompasses race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, just to name a few. It would be difficult to find a movie that scores well in every single one of those categories.

4.) Mentioned the importance of the role of writers telling the story in the movie or TV show. The perspectives of the storytellers is always very obvious.


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