My Role

User Research - Screener Survey, Interviews, User Flows

UI and Visual Design

Website Re-design

3 weeks, 4 Designers

Highly collaborative creative project





Discovered user and business insights


Expressed the user experience through affinity maps, customer journeys, user flows, and storyboards based on the research


Paper Sketching & Brainstorming

Sketched out interface ideas as a team

Low and Mid-Fidelity Prototypes

Created paper and digital prototypes based on research and exciting ideas


Usability Testing

Tested both paper and digital prototypes

Hi-fi Prototype

Iterated based on testing, branding, and best practices


Kick-off: Intro & Research


Opus Affair goals business.png

Opus Affair’s Objectives & Values

Opus Affair is an arts networking and marketing organization that organizes monthly networking events. Online membership is free and open to anyone.

  • People-oriented, inclusive

  • Connection across disciplines

  • Exciting and fun


Screener Survey


With the help of our client, we used a screener survey to recruit Opus Affair members for interviews. Quite a few were delighted to chat about their memorable experiences with Opus Affair.

User Interviews.png

12 Participants


“I use the website to add events. The more people interested in your event, the more it gets featured and then even more people come!”

"I am very involved in Opus Affair"

"I have made important connections at these networking events."

“I was initially impressed by the layout of the calendar of Opus Affair’s site, but it was difficult to navigate and interpret.”

“I usually view the calendar for upcoming events, events I’ve responded to, and events my friends are involved in.”

“The website has a short optional bio, but it doesn’t have their artistic profession and you can’t search for that.”

“I like to network"




Interesting finds… members usually go on the website to find upcoming events in the calender:

Calendar is nice-looking, but difficult to interpret because

Opus Affair Affinity map.png

User Insights and Motivations

  • Convenience

  • Social motivation

Opus Affair Storyboard.png



The Problem

Opus Affair’s website has a calendar system that is confusing for users and does not easily encourage the use of profile features, so users are not utilizing on-site event registration that would encourage more users to attend events by knowing that their friends are also attending.

Proposed Solution

By updating and improving the calendar functionality and tying it into a user profile system with improved visibility and social connectivity options, we will provide Opus Affair with a robust tool for improving the visibility and attendance encouragement of Opus Affair events between members, which will provide both increased event attendance and easier ways to bring in new members. We will know this to be true when implementation of the new calendar and profile functions significantly improves member registration for events, and users start utilizing new features that allow them to share what events they will attend.

Opus Affair Feature Prioritization.png

Paper Sketching & Brainstorming


We sketched out ideas to solve the identified issues with the current website.  The focused on changing the home, calendar, and profile pages based on user and business goals.


Usability Testing

Usability testing.png
Calendar evolution.png

Digital Iteration


User Flow for Prototype Creation

Opus Affair: User Flow.png

High-Fidelity Prototype & Web Pages



This project focused on strategically integrating new features and enhancing existing features, such as the calendar sorting options.  The main user and business goals included making the calendar easier to interpret, specifying event participation via RSVP, make user profiles more interesting, connecting members, and searching for events based on location.  Keeping the website true to the Opus Affair brand, we implemented a simple green highlight on the calendar sorting feature to make it more obvious to users.  We also implemented a map to filter events by zip code.  For the event pages that include the RSVP dropdown, we included a fill-in-the-blank option to indicate event involvement.  For profiles, we included interesting questions to gather and display fun information about members (example: "If you had one superpower, what would it be?").